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Fired-Up Chicken Thighs (SBQ, Ep. 12)

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Fired-Up Chicken Thighs (SBQ, Ep. 12)

This is one simple-ass mo'clucka of a rurrcipe (Nelly reference indulged).  The important-est thang to remurrmburr (ok, last one) is that you must get BONELESS, SKINLESS chicken thighs, or at least tear the skin away from your bone-in thighs.  If you do the latter, you can dust the skins in seasoned flour and fry them up for CRACKLIN'...when you cook the skins on the chicken, on the HOT/FAST grill, you may experience a certain "gasoline" aftertaste, OR an uneven, raw cook on the inner portion of the thighs.  SKIN OFF is best when chicken-ing at high temps.

What you will need:

  • As many skin-free Chicken Thighs as you can fit on your grill top
  • Seasoned Salt (Lowry's-brand or comparable)
  • Black Pepper
  • Red Pepper/Jalapeno Powder (if ya like)
  • Olive Oil/Room-temp. Butter (Butter w/ Olive Oil is the titties; comes in a spreadable tub)
  • Wood for cooking OR soaked wood chips (for gas grill)

How you do it:

  1. Laying all your skinless thighs out across a large baking tray or cutting board, coat them in seasoned salt and black pepper, and spicy powder if desired.
  2. Drizzle a light amount of olive oil over the mass of chicken, then get right the fuck in there with your hands to massage the seasoning and oil liberally over all pieces.  Let the chicken sit while your fire/grill gets up to temperature (400 degrees-F or so for gas grill, or just plain hot as hell for a live fire).  If you're using soaked wood chips in the gas grill, put them into the grill at this time, still submerged in the liquid and set in a mini smoker box or foil boat.
  3. Once the temp is up to snuff, distribute the thighs evenly on the grill grate(s).  Keep in mind where the hottest spots are on the grill, so that you can rotate individual thighs on and off of those spots to ensure balanced cooking to all pieces.
  4. Every couple of minutes, open the grill cover to minimize flare-ups and over-smoking.  The cooking time is not an exact science in this case, so make sure you pay attention to every thigh and flip them as they turn auburn on the outside and edges.
  5. When you're relatively satisfied with the appearances of the grill marks, take one of the fattest thighs off the grill and stick a fork in it (literally).  If the juice runs CLEAR and you can sort of "shred" the meat fibers by twisting your fork lightly, the chicken is done.  IF YOU SEE ANY PINK IN THE JUICEDO NOT EAT IT YET!  Return the meat to the grill until the juice runs clear.  (Keep in mind that when you use wood to cook or smoke, there will always be a pinkish "smoke ring" on the outer edge of the meat.  This doesn't mean your meat is raw; the juice is the key).
  6. Pile the meat into a baking dish or serving platter, and cover for a few minutes to keep everything moist and resting until meal time.
  7. ENJOY!