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Pork Picnic Steaks (SBQ, Ep. 7)

Star Beque
Pork Picnic Steaks (SBQ, Ep. 7)

This is an exceptional choice when you don't have a ton of time to make a fucking stellar dinner for yourself, your family, or some homies.  Your local grocer or butcher should be offering steak-cut picnic anyway, but you can always go to the counter and request "Pork Picnic Steaks, 3/4-inch thick" from the meat cutter.  If you say PLEASE, you're sure to be obliged; if the meat cutter is a total dickhole, they will tell you to go home with the whole picnic and make a roast.  Don't settle for that kinda talk unless you have a food-safe bandsaw at home.

The Picnic is the front "bicep" (sort of) of the hog.  When you are at the store, look for deep pink/reddish meat with decent fat content.  The fat in this cut renders really well and you don't have to trim off much, if any, of what's in the package.  It's also a super cheap cut of meaty meat, that can be prepped with a few minutes' TLC and has some of the best pork flavor on the whole hog.  Shrinkage, as you'll be relieved to hear, is at a minimum for these steaks.


  • Pork Picnic Steaks (about 1/2"-3/4" thick)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Grill or Cast-iron skillet


  1. If your pork steaks have the skin on still, you have 2 options:  A)  Leave the skin on, using a lighter or hand torch to singe any hairs off the surface before seasoning.  Be careful of letting the singed hair touch your meat, because it could make your steak taste like burnt pubes.  B)  take a sharp-as-fuck paring knife and slice just below the skin into the fat cap, then peel back on the skin as you run your knife under it to remove it.  This should leave most of the fat cap on for cooking, and this is the option we chose.
  2. Rub a generous amount of salt & pepper on each steak, and let them sit at room temperature while you heat your grill/skillet.
  3. Once your grill heats to between 400-500 degrees (F), or your skillet is not just warm, but HOT when you hover a palm a few inches above it, go ahead and throw them steaks on.  Each side should take about 4-6 minutes, or until there are dark-brown/black markings on about 70% of each side.
  4. Remove your steaks from the heat once there's almost NO RED juice flowing out.***  Stagger-Pile the meat on a plate (check it out in the "Tricksters & Tipsters" section!) and cover the whole thing in foil.  DO NOT let steam out!
  5. After 7-10 minutes in the Steam Room, your Picnics are READY to chow!  If you leave them in there longer, just make sure you're under 20 minutes.  After that, we notice that they stay moist, but start to lose heat.

***The FDA lowered the official "safe" temperature of pork within the last few years to allow for medium-rare, but Fode & Beed still maintain that pork should be cooked to at least medium (150 degrees, or almost zero pink within the flesh).  You do whatever makes your goat float...

...speaking of floating, we enjoyed a Summer Love Ale by Victory Brewing Co.  Find the review in the "Nibblers & Brews" section!