Simple Tacos (SBQ, Ep. 18)

Just about once a week, Mama Fode gets a hankerin' for some tacos.  There are as many different ways to prep tacos as there are hairs on a Wookiee's...well...Wookiee, but we've decided to give you the basis in the recipe below.  If you wanted to think in terms of lightsabers (which we all do), this taco recipe is the Shii-Cho (Form I) of taco recipes.  We did, however, provide 2 different ways to construct your tacos after cooking, just in case you need a little inspiration.

What You Will Need:

  • 1.5-2 Lbs. Ground Beef (90% lean/10% fat works best) or any preferred ground animal
  • 1 Sweet Onion (Sm/Med)
  • 1-2 Bell Peppers (pick your favorite colors)
  • 2-4 Garlic Cloves (whole, Med.)
  • Olive Oil
  • Butter
  • Goya-brand Adobo Seasoning (or similar brand)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • X-Lg Stainless or Non-stick Skillet (stainless vastly preferred)

How You Do It:

  1. Cut the onion and peppers into uniform pieces.  Long strips are usually our default, but diced or chopped work just as well.  KEEP IN MIND that everything should be the same size, so it all cooks at the same rate.
  2. Put about 1 Tbsp of butter, and about 1 Tbsp of olive oil, into your skillet and turn the heat to mid-high (about 7.5/10 on a graduated dial).  After a few minutes, you should start to hear mild sizzling and the two fats should be nearly merged.
  3. Throw the onions and peppers into the skillet, and stir them around so that they are surface-coated in oil.  Then, season to your liking with salt & pepper.
  4. When the onions have become mostly translucent with some caramelization, and the peppers look similar, it's time to remove them.  We put them in a bowl using a slotted spoon so that any excess oil drips back into the skillet, which will help flavor the meat.
  5. Turn the skillet down a bit (about 6.5 on the dial) and make sure you still have a thin oil slick coating the bottom.  If it's bone-dry or starting to turn black, throw a little more butter down, but NOT TOO MUCH...the fat within the meat will render out while cooking, and you don't want to be swimming in oil.  Throw the garlic in, then stir it around for 1 minute or less.
  6. Breaking the meat up with your spatula or fingers, spread it into the skillet and immediately coat the up-side with adobo and pepper.  Wait about 30 seconds or less, then "flip" the meat hunks and season the side that was just on the heat.  Wait another 30 seconds, then "scramble" the meat evenly around the skillet.  Scramble every few minutes until the meat is completely cooked-through (it should all look like the outside of a really good hamburger, with a bit of char and NO RED.  If you see red, it's not just rare, it's fucking RAW).
  7. Spoon the meat into a bowl, and pour whatever remaining oil you desire over top, or discard.  YOU READY, HOMIE!

*CONCERNING TORTILLAS:  We only use soft flour tortillas, but you can use whatever you like.  Just as the bread of a hoagie or the crust of a pizza can make or break the meal, the very same can be said of your tortillas.  The best brand we've ever tried is called "La Banderita", but they're not available everywhere, so get the highest quality tortilla you can otherwise.

La Mama Fode:

  • Tortilla
  • Meat
  • Shredded Mozzarella
  • Onion/Pepper (green peppers only)
  • Jasmine Rice (Uncle Ben's or favorite brand)
  • PAIRED WITH:  Mike's Hard Cran-Passion Fruit Lemonade

El Fode Especial:

  • Tortilla
  • Meat
  • Bleu Cheese OR Sharp Cheddar
  • Onion/Pepper (orange/yellow peppers only)
  • Habanero-Lime Hot Sauce
  • PAIRED WITH:  Avion Tequila Silver on the rocks