Goose Island Preseason Lager

Goose IPA is a standard on tap around Mos Espa, and Fode & Beed have always liked trying new recipes from this Illinois brewery.  Despite a history of completely drinkable brews that would suggest the same of Preseason Lager, we were pleasantly impressed by the actual flavor of this brew.  It's a gorgeous copper when poured as a pint, and it has a nice light-medium body that doesn't make your gut bloat like Ziro the Hutt.  There is hint of bitterness from the pine and hops, but not overpoweringly so, and the grapefruit notes really shine on the finish.  At 5.8% ABV, there were some relaxing effects upon draining a bottle or two.  It was refreshing to enjoy a non-IPA/non-sour so much, and we're crossing our fingers that Goose Island will continue to release Preseason Lager every Spring (in cans, perhaps?).  This brew gets the solid recommend-o from your Main Men!