North High IPA

Named after a popular residential block in its home city of Columbus, OH, North High Brewing does awesome artwork with its standard IPA!  Fode has enjoyed every can more than the last, and is always re-impressed at how completely delicious North High IPA is.  The can is attractively-designed, but doesn't advertise the flavor within at all, which is a nice surprise when you take your first sip and catch the immediate blast of fresh hops.  While maintaining the specific bitterness we come to appreciate in a good IPA, the hoppy notes of this brew are very fruity; not just citrusy, not just pine-y, but a medley of FRUIT-y.  As in, you walked out into the Beer Orchard and picked a North High off the Beerfruit Tree.  Its 6.8% ABV will certainly have your head a bit loose after a couple cans, and putting those couple (or half-dozen) cans back into your gullet is too easy with this light-medium-bodied amber liquid.  North High IPA is as solid a choice as you can make in the beer aisle!