Avion Tequila Silver (SBQ, Various)

As far as spirits are concerned, Fode really only drinks tequila.  As far as tequila is concerned, Avion is literally and metaphorically a "top-shelf" brand.  If taking it as a shot or from a flask, their Silver tequila is about as smooth as water, but with a slight pinch in the back of the throat.  It's also about $60 for every gorgeous 750mL bottle, so shooting it in a Power Hour is probably not your most economical decision.  It's smooth enough to do so, but Fode's favorite, more conservative ways to drink Avion Silver are:

1)  On the rocks w/ lime wedge & beer chaser
2)  Nips from flask w/ Diet Coke
3)  On the rocks w/ Ginger Ale (aka Tequila Ginger)

If you're looking to splurge a bit on your tequila choice, Avion Silver should be a strong contender in your romp through the liquor store.  Drink a little, and you're a glider.  Drink a lot, and you're a fucking avion, soaring above until you crash.  Best part?  Little-to-no hangover.