Star-B-Q, Ep. 11:  Safe & Secura

We're roasting up 4 episodes of "The Clone Wars" and cleaning out the fridge in this Star-B-BREW exclusive!  Toss back the cold ones or hot java as you watch along for two 2-parters and get Fode's & Beed's thoughts on Hondo's pirate coat and Dooku's sinister sincerity in "Dooku Captured" and "The Gungan General", then dive into the shadows of Aayla Secura's cartoon cleavage and hear Fode get more events mixed up in "Jedi Crash" and "Defenders of Peace."  Beed relays a succulent experience with a T-bone, Fode has an annoying experience with a leaf of lettuce, we put out an S.O.S. for icebreakers, and random bouts of gangsta barking ensue!