Star-B-Q, Ep. 27:  Game of Wampa Thrones

Chewsky & 'Soke are hunted by a gang of pimped-out Trandoshans in "Padawan Lost" and "Wookiee Hunt" as we close out Season 3 in style!  Beed spars the hot snakes back with a crossguard saber, and gives his best weight-control solution; Fode's take-two on the recipe for Boneless Baby's Back; the love triangle of Baxter Stockman, C-3PO, and Jeff Goldblum's The Fly; learning the Star Wars alphabet and circling Fode's nipple; reptilian Vikings with velociraptor calls; Filoni-philes and voice actor kudos; how to piss Ahsoka off; the infamous Log Trick; footage of Anakin slaying Yuenglings; the MacGuyver of Wookiees; Yoda owes Chewie and Tarfful an escape pod; Obi-Wan's unarmed prowess; where are those Wookiees' eyes?!

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