Star-B-Q, Ep. 26:  Release the Anoobas

Your Main Men hope to rescue Master Even Piell as they roast the Citadel Trilogy from "Clone Wars"!  We get lost in an Unleashed *hint* round of Favies/Navies, and BB-8 chimes in with his votes; Fode gets cozy with a gang of action figures; Beed's Lego Slave I is finally built, and it's a boss; James Arnold Taylor as Christopher Walken as Mr. Burns as Osi Sobeck; one eye with four eyebrows; LOTR -vs- SW, kinda; saber colors are easy to guess; why Darth Vader should know that carbon-freezing won't kill you; we need more Saesee Tiin; the best Star Wars video game that never was and hasn't been yet; Battlefront 2 banter; Karen Traviss, please write about Woffe & Gregor!

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