Star-B-Q, Ep. 28:  Eels!  Very Dangerous.

Your Main Men strap up their SCUBA gear for the epic Shark-B-Q roast of the "Water War" Trilogy from The Clone Wars!  First, we Favies/Nayvies on retro Star Wars video games; Grandma Fode's baked squid appeteaser;  Tartakovsky, Jaws 3, Coppola, and Billy Shakes all get their props; the happy tale of Kit Fistorissian; Scots-Caribbean accents and H2O puns abound; finally, a shark species; Mon Calamari are really Non-Calamari; Beed's new bands' names; domo arigato, Mr. Majordomo; at least Quarren squirt ink; parkour frogs inspire royalty to action; a communications distruption in a Star War?!  Preposterous!

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