Star-B-Q, Ep. 29:  Playin' Pong w/ San Diego Sabers

Your Main Men are roasting the Pong Krell story arc with San Diego Sabers' own Battlemaster Eric Main and Co-Founder Steve Kirk!  We're packing some serious DL-44 heat in the Fun Department, starting with Favies/Nayvies all around the horn; Steve admits he's the only person in the world who enjoys candy corn; Eric drops saber-knowledge bombs like a Y-Wing; Dwayne Johnson plus Dexter Jettster plus double hinged lightclubs equal Pong Krell; a bit too much Jawa Juice and Fode tries to set a record for saying the word "salmon"; we take the temperature of Star Wars fandom; we fellate Ben Kenobi (as always) and Beed gets Soresu'd as a result; the 100% proven 3 Musketeers Diet; shout-outs to friendlies; if those ain't Z-95s, they're something else!

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