Star-B-Q, Ep. 17:  Geek Roast with JD

Thanks to JD Onesi from the "General Geekery" Podcast for joining your main men for 2 roasts of "Clone Wars"!  Our guest blasts through some SW Trivial Pursuit cards with finesse, then we dive into a fan-favorite episode, "The Bounty Hunters", and get super creepy with Padme and Clovis in "Senate Spy".  Topics roasted include:  Diet Coke and Sidecar by Sierra Nevada Brewing; Talon "XX" Karrde and SW audiobooks; **JD's custom 3.75"-scale action figures; N1 starfighters, Padme's various wardrobe changes, and why AOTC has the best opening sequence; enduring "Wing Commander" for the love of "Star Wars"; Cin Drallig with clone trooper armor; Rush Clovis is a d%ck.

**Custom figures in episode art, from left to right:  Rav Bralor, '80s comic-book Bounty Hunter, Annileen Calwell, Orrin Gault (fabrications/photo courtesy of JD Onesi)

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