Star-B-Q NIBBLER #3:  A Spacer's Dozen w/ Tim McMahon

Tim McMahon, host of "Less Than 12 Parsecs" (the fastest Star Wars podcast in the galaxy!) joins your main man Fode for a special-edition crossover!  This lightspeed SBQ is in no way like dustin' crops, kid...its packed with all the speed and danger of podracing on Malastare!  Tim and Fode break the ice in silly Star-Wars style before chatting microbrews, home-brews, and grilling steaks; Tim speaks his mind on Elan Sleazebaggano and the Fresh Finn of Bel-Air; "Twin Suns" teaser tattling; Obi-Wan-Two-Three and Tim's awesome book collection; why Oppo Rancisis shreds on the slopes of Hoth!

Be sure to check out all of Tim's generous work for the SW fan community, including the "LT12P" podcast, the Star Wars Podcasts and Podcasters Facebook group, and the Star Wars Podcast Master List!

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