Star-B-Q, Ep. 19:  Labyrinth of Gundarks

Boba Fett got BEEF wit' Mace Windu in the Season 2 finale arc of "Clone Wars"!  Fode & Beed get a little sauced in this one, so be warned:  HILARITY ensues.  Your Main Men play Favies/Nayvies and bring you a basic, baked chicken recipe to get you through a nest of Gundarks; Jango and Boba are cooler than their limited screen-time suggests; the Hetts, the Dark Woman, and WTF is Aurra Sing doing at the podrace; how "Small Soldiers" and David Bowie's "Labyrinth" strengthened Beed's bond with "Star Wars" and his father, then how that bond was tested with ink & blood; Anakin's starfighters are dope; drinking with Hondo never turns out well; more shout-outs!

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