Star-B-Q, Ep. 18:  Taco 'bout Mandalorians

Darasuum Mando'ade and Darasuum Tacos!  Fode & Beed roast the first Mandalorian story arc from Clone Wars and Fode slings you his favorite basic taco recipes!  Beed gets a new Star Wars tattoo, and Star-B-Q's 1-year Anniversary rumors; Your Main Men spit real talk about Duchess Satine between sips of Sierra Nevada Sidecar and Jameson Hair-o'-the-dog; is the Fett Family Mando, or just Pretendo?; Picasso cameos, Karen Traviss gets props, and Misconceptu-Alorians galore; painful changes to lightsaber crystal canon; shout-outs to a few of our favorite podcasts and fan groups!

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