Star-B-Q NIBBLER #4:  Celebrandiegorlando w/ Steve Kirk

Fode is joined by a very special guest to talk about his experience at Celebration Orlando 2017!  Steve Kirk, High Council member of the combat-training group San Diego Sabers, called in for this impromptu chat!  Before talking "Celebration:  B4, During, After", Steve gives us a bit of insight into his feelings on cross-guard lightsabers during a game of Favies/Nayvies; we learn about the Texan tradition of Shiner Bock; Ian McDiarmid and Mark Hamill provide "services" without complaint; lines, lines, and more lines at the Con; open-carrying your lightsabers; Rebels and Forces of Destiny; and of course, shout-outs and props for the "Drowning in Moonlight" gala that our podcasting community threw in honor of the late, great Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher!

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