Star-B-Q, Ep. 21:  We Aurra Singin' With The Ladies

Brisket burritos and Tequila in retro-comics-style Star Wars mugs are necessary for your Main Men as we have to earn our Aurra Sing Clone Wars episode by roasting two others featuring that abysmal Duchess Satine!  Fode & Beed bust out rigga-goo-request for Jack Black and a "hilted" round of Favies/Nayvies, and Beed snacks on war-crackers w/ ketchup; the Pykes bring some Fizzy Lifting Pineapple Squeezie to Mandalore; despite her laundry habits, Padme is a bad mamma-jamma; Fode takes a leak; Aurra and Ahsoka are action; how the f*** do you say Kryze and Qdoba?

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