Star-B-Q, Ep, 22:  Sweet, Sweet 99

Beed's heartkeys are tickled with all the romantic efficiency of Barquin D'an as we bid adieu to old 99 in "ARC Troopers", and then we double-fist blasters with Power Papanoida Lucas in "Sphere of Influence"!  Your Main Men sip on some cherry sour ale, Tito's vodka, and Martinelli's apple juice; Fode roasts Tim Zahn with a dish called Chicken Marsalamiri; those damned Sackville Threepios; the ol' Stab-'n-Smooch, and WTF does the Trade Fed have a seat in the Senate; Meebur Del Toro Gascon in Episode VIII; shout-outs; Ani, are you okay?

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