Star-B-Q, Ep. 23:  Quinlanos con Obi-Wanos

Evan "Teemto" Garcia joins your Main Men in Jabba's Snackquarium!  We play Super-Spies with Quinlan & Kenobi, roasting Ziro the Hutt's proverbial Fredo-ing at the slimy hands of The Huttfather!  First, Benny Quadinaros drops in for a quick chat about the star of Red Cup, Hando Calsolian, as well as Zima, Revan, and Favies/Nayvies; Teemto's suggestion becomes Fode's Quinlano Sandwich; is that actually an Ithorian in Maz's Castle?; oil bathing with R2 and 3PO; we wants our Young Count Dooku spinoff; loads of shout-outs; the galaxy's most dangerous bounty hunter, Robonino; old Dark Horse EU comics; how else do you talk to a purple, sexually ambiguous Hutt?  With Sy Snootles, of course!

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