Star-B-Q, Ep. 24:  Dathomiri Ecto Cooler

Your Main Men are gettin' real creepy to roast Katie Lucas's masterwork, the Nightsisters Trilogy!  One of our favorite characters, Asajj Ventress, takes center stage as she plots her revenge against Darth Tyranus in an oh-so-pissed-off kinda fashion!  Fajitas, brews, and Favies/Nayvies; Beed makes several references to Ecto Cooler, and Fode misses them all; Mother Talzin uses her Magicks as both an alto AND a bass; Dooku jammies increase the effectiveness of Makashi; is Maul's last name Opress?; two Jedi don't phase a colony of male Zabrak concubines; where are all the rancors?!

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