Star-B-Q NIBBLER #14:  They Try to Teach, We'll Never Learn

Your Main Main Fode cracks coldies and waxes educational with Brandon “Darth” Boylan from the Clashing Sabers Network! Brandon is way smarter and more interesting than the Boonta boy, and had such clever ideas for a planned-ish conversation that Fode just couldn’t help but split his opinions through Brandon’s seams! Teachers, students, learning, skywalking, lionesses, and used-book cosmetology is a but a petty sampling of this 2-hour earducational audiomentary! Oh, yeah, and Fode’s got a thought-that-counts gift for Brandon!

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Fire up your stove, sip a few longnecks, practice a Saber velocity, and always check back with your #MainMen Fode & Beed, widely and weirdly accessible at!

THANKS FOR LISTENING, you mangy bunch of Kowakian kibble-masticators!