Star-B-Q, Ep. 30:  Kyberrian Slavers

Your Main Men are back in action after a late-Winter hiatus, and we're bringing you the roast-commentary for the Zygerrian slavers arc from The Clone Wars!  First thang's first with some delectable delicacies hot off the applewood smoke, and we be drinkin' for sure; we wax Favies/Nayvies on fast-food Star Wars toys, and Disnification; slaves to the left of us, slavers to the right; everything is powered by Kyber these days; Transylvanian and vampirical and batlike are not dissimilar; the long, dusty road to Anakin's turn; those bird thingies are dope; Filoniana Jones and the Temple of Dooku; yet more figurative fellatio for the OBW and the QGJ.

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