Star-B-Q, Ep. 31:  Kenobi & Bane Spin-Offs (kinda)

Well, it's not a feature film, but we are roasting the whiplash-paced "Obi-Wan Incognito" story arc from The Clone Wars!  Before your Main Men be commentatin', we talk waffles and breakfast meats made of distant galactic species, Rako Hardinis, and an Outer Rim Rubdown; we meet another Phindian Walken-wannabe; not one, but two fork-stabbings, and Obi wants fish sticks; levels of Jedi pissed-offedness; pre-release Red Cup funsies; the Master of Soresu and Aggressive Negotiator; Wayne's World references; a dope prison break and oodles of bounty hunters; Corey Burton is Lord Tyranus; Fode is a sucker for a bubble cockpit; the brilliance of Sheev Palps; chicken nuggets are scrum-diddly, but don't ever give Beed mustard; shout-outs and giggles, of course!

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