Star-B-Q, Ep. 32:  Baldie On The Barbi

Kick up the old Clone Wars machine and join your Main Men as we roast Massacre and Bounty from Season 4!  Dathomir gets decimated by that four-armed frickstick General Grievous; Old Daka blends up some more Ecto Cooler and pays homage to Return of the King; BBQ chicken quarters, smoked with Independency; local booze, cold brews, and WTF is a 15-pack?; Mother Talzin got scary voodoo skills; the ability to speak Basic makes Bossk intelligent; Ventress's mastery of all that is dangerous and dope-looking; Favies/Nayvies and KOTOR party picks; don't travel to Manaan; ninja eggs in a train heist, cuz Batman; heavy metal Christopher Lee; vagina-faced fish dudes, and running zombies are the WORST.

SPECIAL THANKS to Commander Cody of Rogue Squadron podcast for providing technical support and production assistance on this episode!  It sounds way better than we deserve it to.  PLEASE check out the original 21+ Star Wars podcast at!

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