Star-B-Q, Ep. 33:  A Savage Mauling Begets Fresh Meat

This roast-commentary has been out of the grill for a bit, but had to rest and attain proper juiciness as the finale of "Clone Wars" Season 4!  Your Main Men use a bit more Ecto Cooler to revive Maul on Dathomir, but there's a bit of a chatty afterbirth to the event; waxing the philosophy of Savage's impending tragedy, and Maul's cascading tragedies thereafter; the broccoli and pork chops were delicious, but...plenty of Sam '76 Lager, and the Snack that Smiles Back; kriff that kriffing snakey guy; the wonder of the Dathomiri D!ck-Dust Amulet; possible homages to Lothal and Middle Earth; audible flatulence; kwantsu, Kenobi-san; rips from Legends run rampant; shout-outs to our homies!

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Now get those gizka to Manaan, already!