Star-B-Q NIBBLER #13:  Rogue Ruckus

Your Main Men are joined by Commander Cody and Mopar from Rogue Squadron Podcast, the original 21+ Star Wars podcast!  We sit down after a bangarang BBQ meal of Porg Drums and Rib Squadrons for some pure ridiculosity peppered with actual knowledge of the Wars.  Baseless claims are made, "friendly" names are called out of impropriety, local brews flow, and irreverence abounds in great trilucent detail!

Check out for more of this type of nonsense!  Thanks to Commander Cody for recording and mastering the audio on this episode.  If you want your shows to sound as good as this, visit and tell the Commander you need air support!

Please check back this weekend for NIBBLER #13A:  Rogue Ruckus On Your Six, a follow-up to this episode that will feature the recipes for Rib Squadrons and Porg Drums, as well as a list of all the beers we sampled over the course of this crossover!

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