Star-B-Q, Ep. 34:  Two Heads, One Hard-Onderon

Okay, seriously: if you don’t have fun Roasting the Onderon reruns with your Main Men, you’re dead to us. No, not actually, but you’re clearly mistaken about a great many things. From a spankin’ new take on an old SBQ classic recipe, to some of the tastiest IPAs available, to Brother Beed’s delicious case of the crabs and a serious case of the Goldblums, we can only get better (worse) from there! Real questions about Saw and Steela Gerrera’s heritage; Beast Riders, lion-wolves, wormtongues, Zelda horse-birds with gorilla armwings, and the nobility of one clever girl named Boga; parallels within parallels within parallels within a few perpendiculars concerning the relationships of our favorite characters; did you really have to cut off Dooku’s hands and head?; the American Revolution was dope, and KRIFF Osama bin Laden; robes in the darkness, and keep your kriffing helmets on(deron)!; oh, yeah, more Onderon puns than should ever be allowed; the burden of critical capability when your hands are tied; the parentage of the planet Onderon, both literally and ludicrously; females of a species are the quite special indeed; plenty of shout-outs, and Beed’s best quit ever!

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