Star-B-Q NIBBLER #16:  A Bad Feeling About This Nougat

In the wake of the San Diego Sabers May the 4th Tournament and Revenge of the 5th Spar-B-Q, your #MainMen Fode & Beed tackle a cornucopia of Favies/Nayvies with the hosts of “SDS Radio Podcast” & “I Have A Bad Feeling About This”, including but not limited to: it’s okay to be wrong about Athos, Porthos, and Aramis; getting a rise out of Skywalker; parameters of naming sweet treats; Obi-Wan, aka That face, tho!; lightsaber fighting in the dark; if you’ve ever had a Toydarian in the back of a Toys-R-Us, SMASH that ‘Like’ button!

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[…now where did Beed stash that droid caller?]